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The Five elements as per Vastu Shastra

Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas or the Five Elements as per Vastu Shastra are Fire, Air, Water, Space and Earth. It is essential that these elements exist in harmony inside and outside our body so as to have a healthy body, mind and environment.

The earth rotates on its axis from east to west to cause day and night and seasons. Earth can be land and structure, material used for construction etc. The South and West directions harness earth element. Vastu defects occur if basements are constructed in these directions. Heavy structure or elevation towards the South-west is prosperous.

Space includes solar system and entire galaxy. In Vastu, space claims the centre of the plot or the brahmasthana and is responsible for growth and expansion.

Air is a life giving element and Vastu indicates that airflow should zigzag and front and rear doors should not face each other. The North-West is governed by Air and thus indicates instability. This corner should not be overloaded or blocked.

Fire symbolizes life and in human body fire creates hunger and thirst. Mind works best when the element of fire is moderate. South east direction is governed by Fire and hence this area should be used for fire-related activities. Sun releases maximum infrared rays when it reaches South -east.

Water helps growth of habitat in the world. North east is governed by water and water bodies can be placed in the North east. Check for leaking taps in the North which is symbolic of money being wasted.

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