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Vastu for buildings

Here are few things that can be done to attract health, wealth and felicity.

One may apply tilak to doors and buildings to ensure auspiciousness. White sandal signifies peace and calmness while Red Kumkum helps counter depression, lethargy, lack of ambition and vigour. Yellow saffron or turmeric attracts wealth and financial prosperity and Bhasma imposes control and dispels negativity.

One may use symbols like Swastika, Kalash and Aum to enhance overall positivity. Remember that one should not put diety pictures outside of the house.

Since the exterior is important too, planting the right trees and plants bring in prosperity. One may plant tulsi plants which counters Vastu defects. North east and centre of the plot can be the ideal location.

While landscaping, the North-east has to be left unhindered, since blocking North or North east may hamper opportunities for creating wealth.

Water bodies in the South and South -east may cause problems. Drainage and rainwater slopes can be constructed in the Northern side of the plot.

For more information and consultation on vastu shastra for your property call us and fix an appointment.


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