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Vastu for Bosses and business

Bosses of business should ideally occupy the South West portion.  Fire element in the South west can create trouble as fire in this corner burns away the good energies stored here.

Marketing staff should sit facing the North and this will help them in their efforts to increase business.

Disputes cause tension in business, and if legal disputes are frequent and is time consuming check the water sources. If they are on the South east of the plot, which is dominated by fire element, these anti-elements may cause imbalances.

Vaastu has to be kept alive in commercial establishments and factories where there are large number of workers, to keep accidents at bay.

Washrooms should never be in the North east. Similarly, North side should be left free without blocks. This will help is minimising losses and debts.

All businesses look for growth. One needs to check the subtle energies at workplace and create more openings in the North. If this is not possible North should ne lighter and lower than the South.

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