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Height, Elevation and Stairs

These aspects are probably the least vastu specific in a building. We shall tell you how these aspects affect the vastu of a building. A building whose height is equivalent to its width is considered medium as per Vastu. That whose height is ¼ more than the width is good and that which has its height 1 and half more than its width possesses perfect vastu.

Those buildings whose height is ¾ more than the width or has double the width as its height are also considered to be excellent as per Vastu, as it brings overall prosperity to the structure’s residents.
The elevation of a south facing building should be heavy, and for a North facing structure the maximum number of openings in the form of windows and doors should be provided to ensure that the magnetic energy enters the building structure.

East represents growth and hence maximum sunlight should enter the building from this end, which will cleanse the rooms of the negative energy.

Staircases should proceed in the clockwise direction, else they signify bad energy. Pictures of God and Goddesses should not be hanged on the stairway or in spaces under the stairs. The number of steps should be odd. The best location for a staircase is in the South, South-west or North-west directions. Stairs should never be constructed in front of the main gate of the house. Spaces under the stairs can be utilised as storage spaces.

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