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Some Vastu Tips for Happiness

One cannot change the laws of nature nor the cycles of day and night.  The secret is to accept all that comes and to stay calm in moments of ecstasy and anguish.

The universe is full of subtle life force energies. Eg North pole energy, magnetic energy, gravitational energy and solar energy.  Homes and office should have uninterrupted flow of these energies.

Feeding birds and insects is auspicious. Plants and trees need to be nourished. Maintaining other life forms brings light into your life.

Human body consists of five elements-earth, space, air, water and fire. When there is complete harmony among all the above, the body will remain healthy. When the body is in harmony the soul lives in peace.

Vastu applies to human body as well. It is inauspicious to keep moving one’s hands and legs. Also sitting with arms and legs crossed. For more insights on these and for consultations, do call us and fix your appointment.

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