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Vastu for Energy and love

Facing North while doing mentally exhaustive work like studying helps improve concentration. A kitchen in the south-west is inauspicious as the energy stored here gets burned. Lack of energy may be due to the root chakra being depleted of its energy or because the energy transmutation is not happening. In homes energy transmutation from the North eat to South West may be burdened by pillars or heavy furniture.

Subtle environmental energies affect happiness at home. Why not enhance your environment with Vastu ? Sleep with your head towards the South. A combination of light and dark colors can make your environment colourful. Always sit with a solid wall behind you, at home and office.

So what are the negative energies that has to be removed?

Creaking doors and windows can be addressed by oiling them. Noises made by furniture are not good either.

Identify clutter and remove them. Things that are not used need to go.

Non-functional clocks and electronics need to be cleared away. So, do dried flowers.

What are ways to purge negative energy? Essential oils , flowers and incense, aroma oils and candles refresh our senses and bring in good thoughts

Lights in the house has to be switched on atleast for some time to dissolve the essence of darkness.

Ring bells in all corners of the house. Sea salt can extract negativity. Use it to mop and clean floors

Proper ventilation and sunlight creates a good environment. Quartz crystals are powerful in eliminating negative energy..

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