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Is Vastu Shastra a science of architecture ?

Vastu shastra is a science of architecture and also of cosmology, astrology, geography, metaphysics and geology. The astronomical aspect is clear from the Ayadi Shadvarga or the six formulae used in the construction of temples and houses.  The metaphysical aspect becomes clear with the importance of vastu purusha and the celestial principles involved while marking plots according to the presence of the five elements. Studying the topography of the land in relation to stars, planets, rivers, seas and mountains and studying the soil in terms of sound, touch, smell, taste and color highlight the geological aspects. Just like astrology and astronomy, vastu shastra has come down from brahma through a steady line of intellectuals.

In construction of house which is important – the site or the building ?

The Site is the kshetram and the building is the beejam. Sites need to be selected carefully and it is important to check the history of the land. While making houses placement of main door. Windows and various rooms need to be looked into

It is important to begin construction after propitiating mother earth and the panch bhoothas.

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