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Vastu Information

There are 8 directions and 5 elements……vaastu shastra is the balancing of these aspects for the best benefit of living spaces.

Although it is most practical to abide by these rules and norms for an independent piece of land it has spread like wild fire to follow vaastu even for apartments as well. It may not be practical but not impossible either.

It is better to understand the implications of vaastu shastra instead of blindly following  hearsay and belief systems. It is a science and our sages and saints have played an incredible role in understanding the nuances of nature before compiling books on same.

The position of the sun as a key factor and energy flowing in accordance through the architecture and design of the building in a scientific alignment is vastu.

The play of air and light in any given  environment immediately effects the subtle energies of an individual.  Open spaces  with unobstructed movement and circulation of breeze cleanses the ambience. This is a natural feel-good factor by itself.

Although there maybe a perfect way as far as construction and layout is concerned failing which there are appropriate remedies that can be  suggested to re -instate the missing balance.

Vaastu consultants Chennai train and teach you the finer aspects of vaastu shastra and offer vaastu tips in their classes,

Personal meeting with the vaastu consultant in Chennai can clear a lot of doubts and queries. Praveen saanker with his   ingrained knowledge of the Indian tradition is a walking encyclopedia in the subject.

For More information : http://www.indianvastushastra.co.in/